Greece Digital Nomad Visa

Attention all digital nomads! The ultimate paradise for remote work has just opened its doors to you. Greece is now offering a Digital Nomad Visa, allowing entrepreneurs and freelancers from around the world to spend up to one year working remotely while enjoying the country’s magnificent scenery, delicious cuisine, and fascinating culture. Whether you’re a tech savvy professional or a creative freelancer looking for inspiration, this visa could be your ticket to an unforgettable experience in Europe’s most beautiful destination. In this blog post, we will delve into everything you need to know about the Greece Digital Nomad Visa – from eligibility criteria and application process to cost of living and best places to work from. So grab your laptops and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

What is a digital nomad visa?

A digital nomad visa is a special type of visa that allows digital nomads to live and work in Greece for up to one year. This visa is designed for people who work online and need a basecamp to live and work from. There are no specific requirements for this visa, but you will need to show that you have a valid passport and enough money to support yourself during your stay. You will also need to show proof of insurance.

Benefits of Greece Digital Nomad Visa

The Greece Digital Nomad Visa offers several benefits to remote workers who are interested in living and working in Greece. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Visa Validity: The visa is valid for one year and can be renewed for up to five years.
  2. Tax Benefits: Digital nomads who obtain this visa can enjoy tax benefits, including a flat tax rate of 7% on their foreign income.
  3. Affordable Living: Greece is an affordable country to live in, and digital nomads can enjoy a high quality of life while living there.
  4. Cultural Experience: Greece is known for its rich history and culture, and digital nomads can experience this first-hand by living and working there.

Requirements for Greece Digital 

To be eligible for the Greece Digital Nomad Visa, applicants must meet certain requirements. These requirements include:

  1. Income: Applicants must provide proof of sufficient income to support themselves during their stay in Greece.
  2. Health Insurance: Applicants must have valid health insurance coverage.
  3. Remote Work: Applicants must have a job or be self-employed and provide proof of their remote work.
  4. Accommodation: Applicants must have a place to stay during their stay in Greece.
  5. The required minimum monthly income is €3,500. If you have a dependent child, the amount rises by 15% and by 20%, respectively.
  6. If you are self-employed, you must provide documentation of your corporate identity, business address, and corporate purpose. You cannot register your company in Greece.


What Documents Are Necessary To Apply For A Digital Nomad Visa In Greece?

The Greece DNV is a kind of national visa, more specifically a Type D visa.  As a result, it implies that you must submit the same paperwork as for a type D visa. Documents are listed in Law 4825/2021 as requirements for the Greece DNV. However, it does not specify that you must provide the same paperwork as for a Type D Visa. This may lead to considerable confusion.

The aforementioned documents, along with those needed for the Greece Type D Visa, must be submitted along with your Greece DNV application.

So let’s look at the paperwork needed in accordance with Law 4825/2021:

A letter of declaration

Evidence of Employment

Evidence of Adequate Funds

The Greece Visa Fee for Digital Nomads

A letter of declaration
You must mention that you intend to apply for the DNV for Greece and conduct remote employment there. You must state in your declaration that you won’t be employed by a company with a Greek business registration for the duration of your visit. You must also include all pertinent information about your employer and that you are financially qualified.

Consider it a cover letter.

Evidence of Employment
You must provide evidence that you are a digital nomad who intends to work remotely in Greece. You can offer a few different documents.

A contract of employment demonstrating that you are employed abroad,

And a letter from your employer stating that you can complete your work obligations using information technology.

Remember that your employment contract needs to be in force throughout your Greece DNV.

If your business is located outside of Greece:

Your business’s registration and/or license number
Your business name
Activity Sector
Corporate Goal any other pertinent records that show you are a registered owner of a business outside of Greece.
I suggest including a cover letter outlining your duties for the company. Then, you can include any additional pertinent documents with your cover letter.

Evidence of Adequate Funds

The following documents can be used to demonstrate your financial stability:

Bank statements from most recent
Account statements for the company
Any other pertinent document that attests to your monthly income, such as an employment contract outlining your salary

Application Process

The application process for the Greece Digital Nomad Visa is straightforward and can be completed online. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Gather Required Documents: Applicants must gather all required documents, including proof of income, health insurance, remote work, and accommodation.
  2. Complete Application: Applicants must complete the online application form and provide all required documents.
  3. Pay Application Fee: Applicants must pay a non-refundable application fee of €75.
  4. Wait for Approval: The application will be processed within 30 days, and applicants will be notified of the decision.





The Greece Digital Nomad Visa offers an excellent opportunity for remote workers who want to live and work in Greece. With its tax benefits, affordable living, and rich culture, Greece is an attractive destination for digital nomads. The application process is straightforward, and applicants can complete it online. If you’re a remote worker looking for a new destination, consider applying for the Greece Digital Nomad Visa.

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